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Seems like lots of people are experiencing transitions in their lives.  I guess, I’m going through some changes, too – reorganizing, consolidating, etc.  Here’s some interesting changes that you might be interested in:

I have a new email address and it is

Starting with this e-newsletter I will go to a bi-monthly e-newsletter and see how it goes.

I have Core Products in my studio if you are interesting in purchasing for your healthcare needs.  The Core Products I have for sale are the Tri-Core Pillow, Omni Massage Roller, Hot/Cold Packs, and LumbroSacral Spinal Support Belt.  I also have BioFreeze spray, roll-on and gel bottles.

Have a wonderful 2012 Holiday Season and  looking forward to a wonderful year in 2013!

Health-Massage-Bodywork Tips

For many of us, the holiday season can be stressful.  However, it doesn’t have to be!  You can minimize the stress by taking care of yourself first.  If you don’t take care of you, who will?

Here are some ideas to consider for any holiday so that its more enjoyable and memorable:

Schedule time for you:  Do something fun.  Exercise.  Meditate.  Do something YOU want to do.  Do it daily and enjoy the time you create for yourself.

Make a plan:  Schedule your day of “to do’s” you want to accomplish.  Ask for help.  Have a back-up plan.  If you don’t get it done, there’s always another day.  Maybe even ask yourself “is this task really necessary?”.  Go with the flow and try to make the things you do fun throughout the day.

Listen to your intuition, your body:  We often neglect our intuition (like I shouldn’t buy this, it’s time to go to bed) and our body signals (like hunger, eating too much) because there is “so much” to do, which leads to more stress, exhaustion, and creating bad habits (eating junk food, skipping exercise, staying up too long to get things done, etc.).  Be kind to yourself and hydrate with water, get adequate sleep, eat well, etc.

Focus on memories and not gifts; said another way consume less and share more:  Instead of fretting over holiday shopping, stressing over how much money is being spent, wondering if “they will like it or not”, etc., create a new tradition of creating memories by doing fulfilling, non-food related activities together with your families and friends.  Some ideas are hiking, playing games, and seeing a play are all ideas you could explore together.

Whatever you do, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



About What I Do

Do you identify yourself by the discomfort you are feeling lately?

Are you dependent on pain medications or considering splints and other supportive devices (like canes, shoe inserts, etc.), shots (like cortisone, steroids, etc.), and surgery to alleviate pain?

Are you tired of chronic pain, tingling, numbness, always getting injured, experiencing stress fractures, and lack of strength anywhere in your body?

Do you want improved movement, better range of motion, and restful sleep?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I can help you with the connective tissue massage-bodywork therapies I use during sessions.

My website is very informative, so please visit to learn more about my services, session prices, and my schedule along with massage-bodywork benefits and tips for before, during, and after your sessions.

I would like to partner with other health practitioners (orthopedic surgeons, dentists, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, psychological counselors, athletic and life coaches, acupuncturists, movement instructors/practitioners), health facilities (gyms, exercise studios (karate, yoga, dance)), and small businesses in the city of San Diego.  My sessions with clients do complement these services to bring about more health and well-being to people.  If you have any recommendations, please connect us by sending them my e-newsletters and contact information, OR I would be happy to contact them directly!

I can provide demonstrations and classes about health and massage-bodywork to businesses and their employees.  Review my calendar on my website for the talks and health/wellness events I’ve completed in the past in the San Diego community.

If you have any questions about my services and would like to set up an appointment, please call or email me.  I look forward to working with you at your next appointment!

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