Structural Integration

“When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through.  Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself.” -Ida P. Rolf


The Structural Integration System of sessions includes 10 (sometimes more) individual bodywork sessions with each session lasting from 1 hour to less than 1.5 hours (no more than 85 minutes).  The series can be completed on a weekly basis or bi-weekly.  However, it really depends on YOU and your commitment to change, feeling better, and other personal goals.

I primarily specialize in the classical 10-series of Structural Integration.  I was trained by Ed Maupin, Ph.D., first generation Rolfer® who was trained by Ida Rolf, Ph.D. in 1968 at Esalen.  The International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) Structural Integration Program is an approved Structural Integration Training Program by the International Association of Structural Integrators.  The Structural Integration System is sometimes referred to as Rolfing or the Rolf Method, which is the same as Structural Integration – they are all the same modality.

Traditionally, the Structural Integration System is made of 10 sessions.  Sometimes, I do this system in 11 sessions (sometimes more sessions depending on the individual and what’s going on with his/her body), because I divide Session #1 into two sessions to thoroughly address the shoulder girdle in one session and the pelvic girdle in the second session (sometimes the other way around depending on which girdle hurts the most).  Sometimes, other sessions are divided into two sessions, because of what’s happening in the body and how the body is responding to this work.  No matter what we do, we will discuss before moving into the next session.

Sessions are generally divided into 3 distinct sections:

Section 1 – refers to “opening the sleeve” sessions, includes sessions 1 thru 3:

Session 1 – lengthens the front line of the body and allows for more breath, working in the shoulder and hip girdles.  I generally divide this session into 2 sessions.

Session 2 – lengthens the back line of the body, working from knees to feet.

Session 3 – lengthens the side body, working in the shoulder girdle.

Section 2 – refers to the “core sessions”, includes sessions 4 thru 7:

Session 4 – assists with leg orientation with pelvis, working inner leg from bottom of pelvis to feet.

Session 5 – reorganizes anterior vertebrae, working from diaphragm to upper leg.

Session 6 – assists with leg orientation with pelvis, working backside hip girdle to feet.

Session 7 – reorganizes shoulder girdle to hip girdle, working jaw, neck, and shoulders.

Section 3 – refers to the “integration sessions”, includes sessions 8 thru 10:

Session 8 – generally a lower body session, integration with the upper body, dependent on client.

Session 9 – generally an upper body session, integrating with the lower body, dependent on client.

Session 10 – integration of lower and upper body as one unit.

The Structural Integration series of sessions helps people who are suffering from chronic pain and are seeing physicians for the same (myofacial/connective tissue) problem(s) with no resolution(s).  Structural Integration is the way to go, if you want to change your life and your posture!

Structural Integration system of sessions uses slow strokes and deep pressure on contracted muscles, while the client performs small muscle movement to optimally STRETCH the connective tissue/fascia.  Oils or lotions are sometimes used.  Clients may remain clothed or  unclothed (usually shorts/bra or 2-piece swimsuit) to their level of comfort.  In each of the sessions, connective tissue is released, realigned, and balanced throughout the whole body.  Experiencing the Structural Integration System (10 or more separate sessions where each part of your body will be addressed from head to toe, side to side) enhances your posture and freedom of movement along with improving along with improving your emotional perspective, too.  Typically sessions are up to 1 hour to 1.5 hours in duration (no more than 85 minutes).

I can provide before and after pictures of your sessions.  Not only are you feeling the difference of these sessions, you will be able to see how your body is changing!  In order to really see all the changes of YOU, it is ideal that YOU WEAR THE SAME CLOTHES DURING EACH SESSION.  For everyone, THE DARKER THE CLOTHES THE BETTER.  For men, ideal to wear a boxer brief or a swimsuit bottom.  For women, a 2-piece swimsuit with a top similar to a normal/basic bra.

Before/After Pictures of the Structural Integration 10-Series










On April 26, 2007, Structural Integration was featured on Oprah with Dr. Oz.  Read about Oprah, Dr. Oz, and Jonathan Marine discussing the long lasting benefits of Structural Integration.

For Structural Integrators (practitioners) in your area:
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Results from One of My Clients
Here are the before/after profile pictures one of my clients who receive the Structural Integration 10-series.  Notice the more erect posture by her standing more evenly on her feet; her head is more uplifted to the sky; her neck is no longer collapsed but lengthened; and her lower back is lengthened which brought in her lower abdomen.








After Session #10, 6/21/2008

After Session #10, 6/21/2008

Before Session #1, 4/20/2008

Before Session #1, 4/20/2008










Before the 10-Series testimonial: When I came to Michele 10 weeks ago, I had pain in my left shoulder, and I could not reach my arm straight up over my head.  Due to my tight neck, chest, and shoulders, my hands would get numb when I did small motor movements or held my hands/arms overhead.  Also, I had pain in my neck, lower back, and left hip.  My chin jutted out, my shoulders slouched, and my IT Bands were always sore after I walked.  I wanted some relief from aches and pains and wanted to move better and be stronger.

After the 10-Series testimonial:  After 10-weeks of receiving the Structural Integration system of sessions, I can now lift my arms over my head, and my hands are rarely numb.  My posture has totally improved and I feel like I am getting stronger to maintain it.  I can walk more without pain and my left hip rarely hurts and is much more open and flexible.  I feel my whole body has been realigned.  I am more aware of how I use my body so that I can maintain a pain-free body.  I fell like the bodywork I just received is still lasting even though the sessions are completed.  I am constantly thinking (and wanting to be) in constant, natural alignment which helps to improve my posture, too.  I learned so much about body awareness and how EVERYTHING is related and connected.