“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless.” -Mother Teresa

I am very fortunate to have worked with so many people.  Here are some of their kind words of appreciation of my therapeutic, medicinal massage-bodywork services:

  • I have been receiving massages from Michele for about 3 weeks now. I can already feel a tremendous difference. The Neuro-Muscular Massage is very different than the massages I am used to receiving but that is why I came to Michele. She is working out the different problem areas I have and if, on the day I go, I have a specific problem she adjust to that. This past week my left hip was really bad. She worked on that and I left with no hip pain. After I arrived home I iced it as advised and the next day I had no pain at all. I love this type of massage. A little painful at the time you’re receiving it but well worth it in the end.  -Amy Snow, Retired Business Professional/Company Owner  (NOTE: We are doing Neuro-Muscular Therapy techniques mixed into the Structural Integration System of sessions along with incorporating Scar Tissue massage to break-down/eliminate the scar tissue from surgeries.)
  • Michele Ruppert’s Structural Integration 10-series enabled me to recover from several past injuries and postural problems leaving me with constant chronic aches and pains. Michele customized the series for me and extended it to 14 weekly visits at my request because I knew I had multiple serious problems. One year later I can testify that the work has led to long lasting transformative benefits. Beforehand my head was stooped forward, my feet pointed out and my knees knocked in despite years of other therapies and exercise programs. Conventional physical therapy had not helped me to regain my range of motion after having frozen shoulders 10 years ago. I am so happy that Michele’s work enabled me to return to a much happier and healthier posture with increased range of motion. I now have increased energy levels and have been able to return to an active lifestyle. At age 65 I’m dancing better than ever and bike rides are fun again like when I was a teenager.  -Chris Madden, Retired Handyman Extraordinaire and now a Remarkable Bicyclist and Contra-Dancer
  • https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10151617232523422&id=71494533421: Hi everybody ~ wanted to share something with you: I have started going to a Structural Integration therapist .. she works with every single part of the body <in detail> .. to get everything moving again, everything balanced and grounded. For instance: Scar Tissue can block blood flow .. etc .. I have had chronic pain issues that I have had for years and with my back surgery in Dec things improved but not by much. This therapy is like going to the gym.. u have to work with her bending and moving etc. It is starting to open my entire system up, I feel more grounded and ‘straight’ .. Can walk around now without feeling like I am leaning to the right becuz my entire left side is so swollen and knotted up. This is a miracle for me .. I just wanted to share becuz I know many of you have pain also. If you can find a body worker in your area that does this, beg borrow n steal to get the $ for it. I have hope again! I don’t want any surgeries or drugs anymore AND I want a path back to my horse .. Not been able to ride in forever ! Was so scared I would never again be able to do what my heart holds dearest .. I am so excited now.. a new lease on life.  -Robyn Anthony
  • I wanted to thank you both (Gary Mock of California Rolfing and Massage) and Michele Ruppert) for the wonderful bodywork you did on me during a single 2 hour session at Sharon Wheeler‘s “Integrating Scar Tissue into the Fascial Web” Workshop.  I am now feeling tremendously energized and balanced bilaterally on both sides of my upper body.  The left side dead zone and crippled area around my left clavicle surgery scar from 8 years ago and broken ribs from 20 years ago has been replaced with balanced and integrated upper body functionality.  My face works evenly on both sides now and the catch in my left cheek is gone.  The feeling has returned to my skin below the scar that felt dead before.  When I move my arms they feel equal and balanced instead of one being weaker and out of sync with the other.  I have more flexibility and range of motion.  I’m feeling great and grateful now!  -Chris Madden, Handyman Extraordinaire
  • Another testimonial from Melvin Jenkins:  I enjoy your e-newsletters.  Two things: Today I had to go to Balboa Medical Center for an appointment.  Six months ago I was so frustrated, because I could not find a handicapped parking space, and I was in so much pain – of course, I had my cane.  Today, I drove right into the parking structure and then walked – did not have to worry about finding a closer handicapped parking spot.  Walking not without pain but my pain level is now doable.  Then, I came home and did my first ride in three years on my bike to the beach.  Only three miles round trip, but I have been building up to do this by riding my bike around our condo loop.  Nice to be able to ride to the beach again and breathe moving air!  -Melvin Jenkins, US Coast Guard Reserve (Retired), Small Business Owner
  •  I am 60 years old and live in the San Diego area.  I would like to highly recommend Michele Ruppert and her therapeutic massage-bodywork.  Three years ago after x-rays and a MRI, I was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees.  Since then I have been in an ever-increasing downward spiral of pain.  The pain was so bad for the last six months.  I could only go a very short distance from point A to point B, and then I would have to sit down.  To stand was to always be in severe pain.  This radically changed my life style and I became very sedentary.  Before going to Michele, I was in the process of preparation for knee replacement surgery.  After my first session with Michele, I walked out not using my cane and not having to use it since then.  I decided not to pursue further knee replacements. After 10 sessions plus some tune-ups sessions with Michele, I no longer take Synvisc shots in the knees nor steroid shots either.  I am now able to once again  have a normal active lifestyle.  I ride my bike, stand for much longer periods of time, and I am even able to now once again help my wife around the house, something I have not been able to do for two years.  (I know my wife really appreciates this!)  On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say my pain level has gone from around an 8 to approximately a 2 or 3.  I really thought the only solution for my knee was knee replacement surgery.  I’m very thankful for having found Michele and her therapeutic massage-bodywork.  PS The last two evenings, my wife and I have been going to Ocean Beach and body surfing as the sun goes down.  Lots of fun!  Again something I would not have been able to do before.  -Melvin Jenkins, US Coast Guard Reserve (Retired), Small Business Owner
  • Michele was a breath of fresh air.  I was expecting a traditional massage and was pleasantly surprised with her technique.  A definite thumbs up!!!  -Byran Koot, Driver
  • Physical therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic services gave me 80% of prior mobility back from a frozen right shoulder.  Not enough!  Could not still raise my right arm straight above my head, do certain yoga poses, or clasp my bra with that arm.  After diving into Michele’s Structural Integration 10-series, I found 100 % mobility return.  Plus, here are benefits I did not expect:
    1. No more neck pain from sitting, knee pain when I cycle, or hip pain when I return from my 2-hour walking sessions up and down the hills of Point Loma.
    2. My yoga poses are much easier to sustain, because I am suddenly 50% more flexible throughout my body.
    3. And the greatest of all, knowledge about connective tissue, correct posture when standing or sitting, and good exercises to do for maintenance of the mobility were gleaned from conversations during sessions together.
      -Linda Lewis, Security Guard
  • My experience with the session I received from Michele was very relaxing.  I was able to de-stress from the day, go within, and unwind the muscles of my body.  I received the traditional Thai massage.  I highly recommend this type of session as it allows you to experience all the benefits of Michele’s massages!  -Darlene Pena, Insurance Case Manager
  • I have been coming to Michele Ruppert for approximately 9 months.  I completed 6 of the 10 series of Structural Integration, which is an amazing process where Michele literally shapes and resets your muscles to where they should be on your body.  My feet had pretty high arches and after Michele worked on them my feet are now more relaxed and grounded.  This summer I was remodeling my kitchen and was really sore all over and requested that she give me an overall massage which she did and it was the most soothing, relaxing (traditional Thai) massage I had ever gotten.  Then after returning from a trip, I’m usually always sore from lugging my suitcase and dealing with other travel woes and came to Michele with a really sore back and neck muscles.  Michele did some Rossiter System techniques on which felt painful, but in a good way, which helped me release my knots in my muscles.  Lastly, after injuring myself from doing yoga I came to Michele and she again practiced other Rossiter System techniques on my body and once again felt immediately better and was so grateful that I have such a knowledgeable and caring practitioner helping me release pain.  If I had not found Michele I know that I would not be in as good of shape as I am now and would of not had the stamina to be able to travel, do yoga, and other exercises and be efficient in my field.  In my opinion, I feel like I’m seeing a doctor when I go to see Michele, because she always tells me what muscles she is working on how it affects other muscles, and how the body tells us we are in pain when our bodies are out of balance.  -Marisa Reed, Commercial and Residential Interior Design, Veritas Interiors
  • I have used massage-bodywork therapy as a health maintenance program for more than 30 years.  Thai massage techniques have been the most effective for me.  Of course, the quality of massage depends directly on the practitioner.  I suggest if you just want a body rub that you go elsewhere.  If you are looking for an experienced professional who will align and balance your chakras and tone your energies, then request a session from Michele.  You will notice immediately how well Michele identifies energy blockages and releases them, aligns the skeleton by neutralizing tension in muscles and joints, all of which leaves you in a posture of renewed balance and a relaxed body/mind.  -Michael Smith, Student of Kinesiology
  • I met Michele when she was volunteering her services at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for homeless veterans of the armed forces.  Michele was giving deep and relaxing massages to patients in their first 30 days of detoxification, and I was of those patients.  Michele’s work helped remove poisons from my body, and also gave me excellent suggestions on how to live a healthier lifestyle through diet and routine massages.  Her skills along with her obvious compassion for the people she worked with are a combination that, in my opinion, is second to none.  Michele’s sessions with me have become an important part of my recovery from the disease of addiction.  Every single veteran that Michele worked on benefited greatly, and as for myself I have been able to remain drug and tobacco free since embracing this new lifestyle.  I would never say these sessions with Michele alone were the only reason for my current success; however, they certainty have helped me more than I can say.   I would recommend Michele to anyone to improve their lifestyle through massage-bodywork therapy and natural detoxification.  Michele is warm and caring person who is well-suited for her work.  -Thomas S., US Air Force Veteran, Advertising & Account Executive
  • I have had all kinds of massage and bodywork before and it always made me feel better.  What has been different after a series of traditional Thai massage sessions with you is that there is no trace of pain and stiffness left in my body.  Thank you, Michele, for your great work!  -Rainer Ackermann, Rolfer®
  • What stands out the most about massages I received from Michele is that I feel so peaceful afterwards.  She made every effort to make sure I was comfortable and well-supported.  I look forward to more massages by Michele in the future!  -Nancy Nelson, RN and Health & Lifestyle Coach
  • At 66 years of age, I believe massage is a healthy necessity.  Working with Michele, I found her to be extremely passionate about her work.  She truly cares about helping people and will try numerous techniques, if necessary.  Michele has helped me relieve many aches and pains and improved my posture.  I always feel very relaxed and seep great after a session.  I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a dedicated, caring massage practitioner.  -Sandra Buzan, Retired Psychotherapist, M.A.