Your Appointments

What should the client expect from the massage-bodywork practitioner?  Also, review My Personal Code of Ethics along with Giving and Receiving Tips.

    • Provide a safe, warm ambiance with music (if necessary), appropriate lighting, and cleanliness.
    • Professionalism and knowledge of human anatomy.
    • Discussion of clear client/practitioner boundaries.
    • Clear verbal communications prior, during, and after-massage bodywork appointment(s).
    • Explanation of massage-bodywork therapies/modalities being used in the session with specific benefits AND continuous connection with client.
    • Draping of body (with a sheet, pillow case, and/or towel) will e used on top of the body as necessary/required.  Only the body part being worked-on will be exposed.

What to do BEFORE any massage-bodywork session(s):

  • Drink water throughout the day prior and the day of the appointment (about 1/2 your body weight in ounces) and avoid other drinks (processed juices, teas, coffee, alcohol, etc.).
  • Arrive clean and relaxed as possible.  Take a slightly warm to cool Epsom Salts bath (start with 1/4 cup and increase to 4 cups).
  • Be prepared to discuss your personal history covering topics of surgeries/injuries, medications/conditions/sensitive areas that could affect the massage-bodywork session (i.e. diabetes, heart/blood medications, being ticklish, etc.), allergies (especially to massage oil and fragrances), and state of pregnancy.
  • Think about expectations/desired outcomes for the session scheduled.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothes, and socks.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes prior in order to be settled and ready for the massage-bodywork appointment (to change in appropriate clothes, use the rest room, etc.).

What to do AFTER any massage-bodywork session?

  • Walk up to 30 minutes, easy pace.
  • Drink water and avoid other drinks (processed juices, teas, coffee, alcohol, etc.).
  • Take a slightly warm to cool Epsom Salts bath (start with 1/4 cup and increase to 4 cups).
  • Gentle self-massage and/or stretching.
  • Go to bed early to get an adequate amount of rest.
  • Release emotions by writing  your thoughts down in a journal, listening to soothing music, reading inspiration material (books, poems, magazines, etc.), drawing on a sketchpad, color, and doing whatever to express yourself.
  • Don’t worry about having different than normal emotional reactions.  It is normal to receive some type of emotional burst that you normally would not have, i.e. anger, sadness, depression, elatedness, etc.
  • Write dreams and ideas down in a journal and have them interpreted (or you can do it yourself!).  It is very possible that you will get some very animated, vivid dreams and ideas.  It could very well help your life path and the issues you are wrestling with presently.