Session Prices

“Before drugs, there was massage therapy.” -Dr. Tiffany Field

Your Health Investment
If you are looking for significant improvements in your posture and how your body moves and feels, Michele Ruppert Therapeutic Massage Bodywork is definitely a place to visit!  I am passionate about helping people live a healthier, pain free lifestyle.  I, myself, get routine advanced massage-bodywork which complements my personal nutritional plan, regular exercise, and relaxation programs.

Take this opportunity to enjoy the benefits of advanced massage-bodywork, like less pain, improved movement, better range of motion, restful sleep, and the lessening of pain, tingling, numbness, and more!

Health Investment Prices

Certified Massage Therapy Rates

60 minutes          $80
90 minutes          $120
120 minutes        $160

SET Sessions Donation Rates – $80/up to 2 hrs.

Certified Personal Training Rates – details soon.

Structural Integration Series:  This system of sessions include 10 (sometimes more) individual massage-bodywork sessions with each session last typically 1.5 hours.  The sessions can be completed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or other basis.  However, it really depends on YOU and your commitment to change, feeling better, and other personal goals.  Each session is $120.  This can be paid in full prior to start the series or you can pay for each individual session at your appointment date.

Structural Energetic Therapy sessions are last typically for 2 hours.  Each session is $160. 

Referral Discounts
Current clients will receive $10 off their next appointment for each referral.  Thank you for sending me your family members, friends, and colleagues!

Price Clarifications
Only CASH and CHECKS are accepted.  Payment is expected at your appointment date.

I DO NOT work with insurance companies.  I DO provide a professional printed receipt for services paid (by you at your appointment with me) for clients so clients can file with their insurance companies for reimbursement.

Please, contact me in advance that you will not be able to make your appointment.  If you miss or cancel your session within 12 hours of your appointment, there will be a $50 charge.

The first session includes up to a 10-15 minute client history intake, massage-bodywork, and closing recommendations.

Returning/follow-up sessions includes up to a 10 minute “changes from the last visit” intake, massage-bodywork, and closing recommendations.

All prices and special rates are subject to change.

Gift Certificates are paid-in-full, in advance.  Treat your family, friends, and colleagues to a a healing gift!