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I have a new email address, MicheleRuppert.LMT@gmail.com.  Please, update your address book.  The email address used for this e-newsletter is being deleted soon, which leads to my next topic…

Because of my email transition to Google Gmail, I will be transitioning to an email service.  When I do, you’ll be able to decide if you are interested in receiving my e-newsletters by agreeing to the subscription.  More details later when I sign-up and learn more about how to send my e-newsletters in a new format.

I hope your New Year is going swimmingly.  I can’t believe it’s almost March!  Where did January and February go?!

More News from Michele

Just this past weekend, I completed a course, “Structural Integration for the Cranium”.  For anyone who completed a 10-series and is interested in revisiting Session 7 (shoulders, neck, head, and mouth), here’s your chance to experience some new techniques!  These techniques are great in helping to relieve headaches, migraines, and shoulder/neck/head/mouth-jaw pain, and I will blend in these techniques into other sessions as necessary.

Oh yeah, here’s a cool video about Structural Integration (aka Rolfing), http://www.americanownews.com/story/19854237/amNOW?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=7856380#.UR0vlx-aV-9.facebook.

Health-Massage-Bodywork Tips

Body Sense is published for the purpose of educating the general public about the benefits of massage and bodywork, along with additional well-being topics.  I personally enjoy reading Body Sense, because the articles are short and informative. Instead of “hearing it” from me, you can benefit from other holistic health writers, too.

Here’s a listing of the main articles (with summaries) in the winter 2012 issue of Body Sense:

“How, Exactly, Does Massage Therapy Work?”
This article provides an explanation of the connection between the body and mind and how they are connected, aka the Anatomy of Happiness.

9 Tips for the New Year
…to live authentically in 2013.

Just Say “No” to Sick Days
Explains the difference between a cold and having the flu and 7 prevention tips to keep sickness away.

Pathway to Your Healthiest Skin Yet
Shares 6 tips to have healthy skin, like not drinking through a straw.  Right – who knew?

And more health information…

I hope you take pleasure in reading Body Sense as much as I do!


Cure That Cold by Dr. W. H. Graves, Copyrighted 1954

Quoted from the Forward:

“CURE your cold naturally – without drugs – or suffer with one or several of the following disorders: sinusitis, headaches, visual defects, eye inflammations, tonsillitis, hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza, gangrene, lung cancer, tumors, chronic skin diseases, heart disorders or the terrible after-effects of head surgery.

The present methods of treating and suppressing colds are fabulously enriching the drug trust (not to mention the doctors).  However, they fail to cure colds and are not only causing serious and baffling diseases but they are also responsible for an alarming increase of deafness and insanity!

Dr. Graves recommends the following for a Simple Cold:

The average cold can be cured in 3 days, though in many cases the time may range from 2-5 days.

1) Withhold all food and drink, except water which should be drunk warm when possible until all symptoms of the cold disappear.

2) You should rest, preferably lying down, during rest periods and lunch hours.  Upon arriving home you should go to bed, unless you feel energetic enough to sit and read.

3) At home you can hasten the elimination of mucus by swabbing your nostrils with eucalyptus oil or by inhaling from a bottle of the oil.

4) Sweat or steam baths are not indicated for simple colds because the mucous membranes are already “sweating” copiously.

5) One or two enemas each day are essential to further help the elimination of toxins and hasten results.”

Dr. Graves has another section for chronic colds, too.

Interesting huh?  Reports show colds/flus are now getting worse, http://www.empowernetwork.com/kingmarkalan/blog/flu-in-america-2013-is-spreading-fast-and-will-get-worse-before-it-gets-better/.  No surprise…

Personally, I would bypass the vaccination, but that’s me…

This 72-page booklet is probably in the attic of your grandparent’s house…

If you have find/have it, read it and give his recommendations a try.  I bet you will feel better!

If you want to learn more about enemas and colonics, Google provides lots of references.

About What I Do & About Me

Do you identify yourself by the discomfort you are feeling lately?

Are you dependent on pain medications or considering splints and other supportive devices (like canes, shoe inserts, etc.), shots (like cortisone, steroids, etc.), and surgery to alleviate pain?

Are you tired of chronic pain, tingling, numbness, always getting injured, experiencing stress fractures, and lack of strength anywhere in your body?

Do you want improved movement, better range of motion, and restful sleep?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I can help you with the connective tissue massage-bodywork therapies I use during sessions.

My website is very informative, so please, visit it to learn more about my services, session prices, and my schedule along with massage-bodywork benefits and tips for before, during, and after your sessions.

I would like to partner with other health practitioners (orthopedic surgeons, dentists, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, psychological counselors, athletic and life coaches, acupuncturists, movement instructors/practitioners), health facilities (gyms, exercise studios (karate, yoga, dance)), and small businesses in the city of San Diego.  My sessions with clients do complement these services to bring about more health and well-being to people.  If you have any recommendations, please connect us by sending them my e-newsletters and contact information, OR I would be happy to contact them directly!

I can provide demonstrations and classes about health and massage-bodywork to businesses and their employees.  You can review the My Calendar link on my website for the talks and health/wellness events I’ve completed in the past in the San Diego community.

If you have any questions about my services and would like to set up an appointment, please call or email me.  I look forward to working with you at your next appointment!

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