Current Location & Parking

We’re Located at a NEW location in Ocean Beach/Point Loma areas of San Diego!

Thompson Type Business Center
3679 Voltaire Street, San Diego, CA 92106 – Suite C
Get directions.

  • It’s on the corner of Poinsettia Drive and Voltaire Street, a beige and green corner business building with a small parking lot.  The business building is on the same side as the Point Loma Library, but it is on the EAST corner from the library.
  • The building number of 3687 (different from my address) is hard to find the number on the top of building while driving.  The links below are pictures to help you recognize the building.  There are two Google Map links that show what the building looks like:  1) From Voltaire Street; 2) From Poinsettia Drive.
Voltaire Street View

Voltaire Street View (double-click on picture)

Poinsettia Drive View

Poinsettia Drive View (double-click on picture)

  • You will see the glass-front building on the corner, Coastal Sage.  Behind this building is the business center’s parking lot.  DO NOT PARK IN HERE.  You will see My Lady Fayre & Gents on one end.  My suite is located to the LEFT of My Lady Fayre. Underneath the stair case, there is a double glass door, open the RIGHT glass door, turn LEFT into the long hallway, and my suite, Suite C, is the SECOND RIGHT door.
  • Disability/Handicapped Placards.  There is a handicapped parking spot on Poinsettia Drive by My Lady Fayre.  If this spot is taken, there is one handicapped parking spot “inside” this business center.
  • MTS Bus Stop #923 – drops off/picks up on Voltaire Street in front of the library and the donut shop.
  • Convenient parking is located on Voltaire Street and Poinsettia Drive.  The parking is for 1.5 – 2 hours, but always checking parking signs!  Read the street signs – CITY OF SAN DIEGO WILL GIVE TICKETS!  
  • Always open parking on Udall Street, behind the library.
  • NO PARKING on WEDNESDAYS 7-10 AM for street sweeping on the NORTH side of Voltaire Street and EAST side of Poinsettia Drive.  NO PARKING on FRIDAYS 7-10 AM for street sweeping on the SOUTH side of Voltaire Street and the WEST side of Poinsettia Drive.  Read the street signs – CITY OF SAN DIEGO WILL GIVE TICKETS!